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if i get to your heart soon, i'll call a perfect afternoon
EXO | Suho/Kai | PG | 34.5k~
Romance, angst, fluff
Hugs are supposed to calm one's troubled soul, but for some reason Jongin's warm hugs just keep making Joonmyun's heart race in his chest.

Best read here

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send in the clowns
EXO | Suho/Chen | PG-13 | 12,817w
Joonmyun wonders if Jongdae is capable of being passionate about anything else other than figure skating.

Originally written for [ profile] criticalcapture.

This isn't exactly how Joonmyun had imagined the rest of his life would go. )

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in a sky full of stars
EXO | Suho/Tao | PG-13 | 6,573w
Joonmyun and Zitao get to know each other in between LA and Incheon.

Originally written for [ profile] suholiday.

Enjoy your flight. )

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though i try, my heart stays still
EXO | Suho/Lu Han | PG-13 | 20.3k~
Joonmyun really can't say that Jongdae is wrong about Joonmyun loving books more than people.

Originally written for [ profile] suholiday .

Books can't hurt people. )

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a light that never goes out
EXO | Baekhyun/Suho | NC-17 | 36.7k~
Romance, Angst
Baekhyun wants Joonmyun to be happy. But that entails certain sacrifices.

Warnings: Slight homophobia, infidelity and unwanted pregnancy

Originally written for [ profile] thebaekfest.

Being yourself can be scary. )

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And then we'll be okay
EXO | Chanyeol/Lu Han, Chanyeol/Suho | PG | 1,201w
Professor Park is so hot he has students flirting with him left and right.

For Kinny and Lynn.

Hi Professor Park. )

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Will you still love me when
EXO | girl!Suho/Kris | PG | 574w

For Ang.

It's not that Joonmyun is complaining. )

Who are you wearing?
EXO | Chen/Kris | PG-13 | 1,283w

For Iya. Prompt is this. Because Jongdae looked like he was wearing Kris' clothes.

What are you wearing? )

Even If
EXO | Kai/Lu Han | PG-13 | 1,117w

For JQ. Prompt: LuKai, cupcakes.

Jongin takes a deep breath. )
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Silver Linings
EXO | Lay/Suho | PG-13 | 9,684w
Romance, Angst
Sometimes love starts with a break-up.

Entry for [ profile] sncj_bigbang, originally posted here.

Do you believe in silver linings? )
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i want to eat you like a piece of cheese
EXO | Suho/Baekhyun | PG-13 | 2,142w
Baekhyun's mouth hangs open as Joonmyun starts swaying along to the howling from the speakers.

A/N: This is Ang's and Lonio's fault. They're the worst. >_<

It's been a long two weeks. )


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