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end of the year fic meme 2014

Total Word Count: 228,243~
Fandoms Written In: EXO

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Definitely. I didn't expect to write a lot of fic over 20k.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

I didn't write a lot of fics this year, but I guess Suho/Tao is a pairing I would never have written if it wasn't to help out for a pinch. It was a bit of a challenge and I really worried about it.

What's your own favorite story of the year?
maybe you'll let me borrow your heart because I really poured a lot of myself into it and there's of course the Baekhyun that I love in it. But I really like i can feel your heart beat through my shirt too. It's a fic I have very fond memories of. send in the clowns also has a special place in my heart idk why. I just really like that fic. Lol.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
A couple. It's really risky for me to write long fics because I've been told that I lose the story somewhere along the way so joining the long fic challenge was one. Hopefully I have improved in terms of keeping stories in tact. I've learned that there is an organized way to do this and that it can be done. Lol. The long fic challenge really helped me with keeping deadlines, too, and writing everyday to keep with it.

Another is writing non-Baekhyun fics. Haha! I've written fics with Baekhyun not part of the main pairing. Granted they're characters I'm comfortable writing (i.e. Chanyeol or Suho), they were still challenges because it can be hard to write a certain character for long periods of time, even if they seem easy to write (i.e. Chen).

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?
Uh, idk. A goal is to actually continue writing. :))

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year: maybe you'll let me borrow your heart

My most popular story of this year: From comments, I guess it's a light that never goes out?

Most fun story to write: (make it up) as we go along because I remember submitting 30k worth of fic for the first check-in lol. I had that much fun. And i can feel your heart beat through my shirt, which was supposed to be a plot for the chinguline exchange that I backed out of. I'm so happy I still got to write it (of course with changes) for a different fic fest. send in the clowns was a lot of fun to write too! So much so that I managed to finish it in a day. Haha!

Story with the single sexiest moment: The thing is, I don't really have anything sexy in my fics. I'd say wrap me up, but then I can't take credit for the sexiness of that whole thing. :)

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Hmm. I guess a light that never goes out because of the whole unwanted pregnancy situation.

Story that shifted my own perception of the characters: maybe you'll let me borrow your heart, where I learned that there is so much more to Kim Jongdae that his quirkiness and sassy wit.

Hardest story to write: I feel like I struggle with everything I write at some point. a light that never goes out because of the sensitive subject and in a sky full of stars because Suho/Tao is difficult to write, especially on a short deadline!

Biggest surprise: a light that never goes out. My first fic of the year and it was huge. And in a sky full of stars tbh. It ended up to be, what I feel like, is one of my nicer fics for the year.

Most unintentionally telling story: maybe you'll let me borrow your heart

Favorite Opening Lines/Introductions:

- Joonmyun buttons the cuff of his sleeve as his flight number is announced. It glints under the too bright fluorescent lights, the lone diamond gleaming. It was a gift from Chanyeol for his 27th birthday, even though Joonmyun had specifically said that he would not receive any sort of jewelry that year. Chanyeol had insisted that cufflinks were hardly jewelry, saying that they were useful and something that Joonmyun can wear all the time unlike the ostentatious rings or bracelets that Baekhyun always gifts him with. (in a sky full of stars)

- This isn’t exactly how Joonmyun had imagined the rest of his life would go. He’s always had big dreams for himself, ones that he’s nurtured since he was only five years old. He’s imagined himself traveling around the world for as long as he could doing what he loves, while maybe being with someone he truly cared about. But he supposes that, while dreams can be achieved, they also have limits. Still, he can’t complain about how his life is panning out. He still is doing what he loves. Sort of. (send in the clowns)

- The apartment smells like home. Not that Seoul isn’t; it has been for the past 10 years or so, most especially for the past year, but this smells more likes Changsha than Seoul, with the fresh air, the cool wind, the smell of the trees and the river combined. Yixing is reminded of a similar morning like this back in Changsha, when the household had still been asleep and he’d woken up to an empty bed. He’d tiptoed his way out of the room, in between a sleep talking Joonmyun, a giggling Chanyeol, and a snoring Jongdae.

Baekhyun had been standing by the glass doors leading to the small vegetable garden, watching the light drizzle, his plum-colored hair sticking up in several directions. The wind tousled his hair everytime the wind blew through one of the open windows in the living room, and Chanyeol’s black shirt was too big on him; then again, everyone’s clothes are too big for Baekhyun, even if he and his presence are larger than life. Baekhyun had straightened up and turned around when he heard a noise, and then a beautiful smile had bloomed on his face when he saw that it was Yixing. It’s the kind of smile that showed all of his teeth, his pink lips stretched wide, and turned his eyes into crescents, making him even more handsome, more lovely. Baekhyun had easily fallen into Yixing’s embrace, the fear of being seen forgotten for a second with the knowledge that the whole house was still in slumber. That moment really felt like home. (home is where the heart is)

Favorite Closing Lines:
- Joonmyun’s imagined the rest of his life to go differently. He’s always had big dreams for himself, ones that he’s nurtured ever since he was very young. But dreams can change and even disappear due to certain circumstances. Joonmyun’s dreams changed drastically when he got injured and he almost quit figure skating completely.

Until he met Jongdae again.

That second meeting changed his life. It changed Joonmyun’s priorities and made his dreams evolve into bigger, more heartfelt ones. This time it wasn’t just about him and a sport anymore. This time, it was about Joonmyun and another person, someone, he thinks, he can love his whole life.

He’s imagined himself traveling around the world for as long as he could doing what he loves, while maybe being with someone he truly cared about. And, while he thought that dreams have limits, this particular one doesn’t.

Because Jongdae is limitless and there are so many ways that Joonmyun can love him. (send in the clowns)

- When he gets out to the arrivals area, Joonmyun is surprised to find himself suddenly enveloped in a Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Taeyeon sandwich. Kyungsoo stands at the side, looking bored.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun grab a bag each and flank Joonmyun, while Taeyeon clings to Baekhyun’s arm and Kyungsoo walks beside Chanyeol.

“How was your flight?” Taeyeon asks.

Joonmyun smiles. He thinks of Zitao and their conversations and smiles.

“Good. Really, really good,” is his answer. (in a sky full of stars)

- Baekhyun lifts his head up and Jongdae is amazed, as he continually is, to find the adoration he has for Jongdae in his eyes. It will never cease to amaze him because Baekhyun is everything he’s wanted and it’s a miracle when someone that you love loves you back.

“Of course I want it, you idiot,” Baekhyun whispers before leaning down to kiss him. “You broke my heart, you know, so I’m really not sure why I would even think about forever with you when you could do it again.”

“Well you broke my heart, too,” Jongdae says, poking his tongue out, which he retracts when Baekhyun attempts to bite it. “So we’re even.” He grins and runs his fingers through Baekhyun’s hair. “And I won’t do it again. I’ll do my best not to break your heart again.”

“I promise to do the same,” Baekhyun says and then lets out a horrified shriek. He buries his face back in Jongdae’s neck. “Oh my god you’ve turned me into you! I have become sappy! I am not sappy!” He lifts his head again. “We are not getting married right after college or any time before that just so you know, so you better hold it in until after a couple of years when we’re settled and living in a white house with blue shutters and—“ He cuts himself off when Jongdae starts laugh. “I hate you so much, Kim Jongdae. I hate you for turning me into you.”

Jongdae had thought that have dreams, having all of them at the same time, was impossible. It drove him to struggle with his academics and with his sport and with the other relationships that he has in his life. Now, he knows it’s all possible. Because, this life, the one he is currently living, is everything he could have hoped for. He’s doing well in his academics, acing his classes, a medalist in swimming, improving his drawing, and he has Baekhyun beside him. There are more things he would probably want in the future. But right now, he is content and happy.

The dive before the start of the event is the scariest part. But once you jump, the rest is history. (maybe you'll let me borrow your heart)

Favorite 5 Lines from Anywhere: (I'm so unsure about this. It's hard. Lol. But these are lines that I love.)
- Some people never come close to finding and falling in love. Joonmyun once thought that his life would turn out that way, that figure skating would complete him and that it would be enough. It was once enough because it was all that Joonmyun had ever wanted. And with his parents’ support and Krystal by his side, it made him happy. While Joonmyun easily gets cold, being on the ice has always made him feel warm and comforted. (send in the clowns)

- “Hyung,” Jongdae continues, almost whining. “This is all because of you,” he tells him, his half-lidded eyes piercing into Joonmyun’s. Both his hands cup Joonmyun’s face as he presses their foreheads together. “Everything is because of you, hyung. Skating only seems like it means the world to me only because it clearly means the world to you.”

Joonmyun pulls away in astonishment and confusion. He blinks several times as he tries to get what Jongdae said through his head. “What?”

“Skating is everything to you, hyung,” Jongdae repeats, dropping his hands to Joonmyun’s shoulders. The touch is tentative, like he thinks Joonmyun will push him away. “The way you coach me, asking me to be precise, perfecting my spins and jumps so I figured it’s a good way to get you to notice me. If I do so well, if I become great, you’ll look at me more and you’ll see that I—“

Joonmyun laughs. “That’s my job, Jongdae. I’m doing my job when I do all those things,” he tells him, taking a small step forward to assure Jongdae that he’s not going to push him away, that he’s not going anywhere. “Besides, I only repeat what Brian tells you. Skating isn’t everything to me.”

Jongdae’s forehead scrunches up, his brows furrowing, and his lips pursing. “But—“

“You are,” Joonmyun continues before Jongdae can say everything else. (send in the clowns)

- "I want you to tell me why you keep looking everywhere else, why you keep sleeping with other people, people you don't even know because you don't want to care," Jongdae presses, voice increasing in volume. "Why don't you want to care, Chanyeol? Why do you keep pretending you don't look for love, that you don't want to love and be loved?" (i can feel your heart beat through my shirt)

- “Because I want you to go for what you want, Jongdae,” Chanyeol tells him without hesitation. “I want you to say what you want, to say that you want Baekhyun and that you’re going to do whatever you can to get him back and be with him. You’re my best friend, and I love you, but you’ve never asserted yourself. You always just go with the flow. You always just do what’s given to you and assume that everything’s okay. You settle, Jongdae. And that’s not okay. You should fight for your dreams, your ambitions, for all of them and not just the ones that you think other people will accept. You should never settle for anything less than you think you deserve.” (maybe you'll let me borrow your heart)

- “Tell me again how you told your mom,” Baekhyun says, sighing in contentment and moving closer to him. “What did you say about the amazing boy in your class?”

Yixing laughs. “I told him that I’ve been in love with this boy in my class right at the moment I laid eyes on him,” he recalls.

“That’s so cheesy,” Baekhyun says, pulling away and slapping his chest. “You didn’t—“ His eyes widen at the earnestness in Yixing’s gaze, which is something Yixing has never been unable to hide. It doesn’t matter to him that Baekhyun can see it clearly. He has no reason to hide his feelings from Baekhyun. “How could you be? We were introduced by Jongdae and that’s always a bad impression.”

“You bumped into me outside of composition class and you cursed when your books fell,” Yixing corrects him, reaching out to pinch Baekhyun’s cheek.

Baekhyun is gaping at him. He swats Yixing’s hand away. “How could you have been in love with that?”

“How could I not be?” Yixing chuckles, pinching both of Baekhyun’s cheeks this time. “When you were so cute?”

Baekhyun makes a growling face, one of Yixing’s favorites that he has always adored. There is never a moment when Baekhyun doesn’t look cute to him — no matter what he’s doing, whether he’s happy or upset. It’s just the way Baekhyun is. It’s one of the things Yixing loves most about him.

“You are the worst,” Baekhyun says, breathless as he leans towards Yixing to give him a quick kiss. He glances back at the house as he pulls away. “Why do I love you?”

Yixing laughs at that. “Why, indeed?” (home is where the heart is)

Top 5 Scenes From Anywhere You Would Choose To Have Illustrated:
- Chanyeol and Jongdae confrontation/confession scene in the rain in i can feel your heat beat through my shirt
- Baekhyun and Jongdae lying down on the pavement by the swimming pool, pinkies linked together in maybe you'll let me borrow your heart
- Jongdae tying Joonmyun's scarf for him in send in the clowns
- Suho's wallpaper of him, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Taeyeon during their graduation in in a sky full of stars
- Suho and Lu Han standing awkwardly in front of each other, about to kiss in though i try, my heart stays still

New Year's Resolutions:

Keep writing and don't bite off more than you can chew. :))

Word Count Totals:
- total finished, posted fic: 228,243-ish, 11 fics
- longest posted fic: maybe you'll let me borrow your heart, 60.2k
- percentage of fics started and completed in 2014:

Most common narrator: Baekhyun (5 out of 11 fics)
Most common character: Baekhyun (7 out of 11 fics)
Most common pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo (2 out of 11 fics). I really tried to write a variety of pairings this year.

List of Completed Stories:
a light that never goes out
wrap me up (written with [ profile] xxbbq and [ profile] onyu)
(make it up) as we go along
though i try, my heart stays still
in a sky full of stars
send in the clowns
maybe you'll let me borrow your heart
home is where the heart is
i can feel your heart beat through my shirt
finders, keepers
don't give up on us, baby

List of WIPS:
Well, I have a couple but I don't really know if they will still be written.