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maybe we're all just fools

maybe we're all just fools
BTS | Jungkook/V | G | 52.6k~
Romance, Fluff
Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

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I loved this so much ;;; i was crying at so many parts, i swear my pillow was soaked after i finished
firstly, i was SO excited when i saw that you wrote a bts fic and on top it was a taeguk fic, my favourite ships soBS you're one of my favourite writers so it was a really pleasant surprise!!!
as i was reading this i was screaming at my friend who read it the day before me and we were both just screaming and crying over ALL THE FEELINGS
some scenes really stand out to me, first that scene in the dog shelter and how jeongguk is so... trusting of taehyung “But it’s you,” he says, looking right at Taehyung. “I don’t think… you won’t hurt me, right?” I STARTED SOBBING TBH
and just before how he was talking about how he wants to make taehyung happy ;;;; a lot of fics write jeongguk as a cold character so it was nice to see him like that ;;
and of course THE KISS i was not expecting and it was so /insert kim_crying_face.jpg
the part with jeongguk running and looking up at taehyung and jieun and then looking down and looking back and not finding taehyung there and then FALLING played like a movie to me IT WAS SO PAINFUL OH GOD i just knew jieun had said something :(
the last is the whole act where jeongguk goes home to his family, i think i just cried while reading that whole thing (yes, i cry really easily) and his conversation with his mom ;;; you wrote his 'reunion' with his family really well as well just his whole relationship with his mom and his brother ;;;;;
this comment is too long and IM GOING TO START TO CRY AGAIN so i should end it
but thank you for writing this and it was amazing!! i hope you write more bts/taeguk ;w;!!