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[PG-13] Wishing on Airplanes (Epilogue)

Title: Wishing on Airplanes
Characters: Donghae, Kyuhyun, Hyukjae, OC, Super Junior
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Comedy, Drama

“Someone’s happy,” Shindong snickered as Donghae walked into the gym with a huge grin on his face. “Again,” he added under his breath.

“Ugh,” Heechul complained, visibly shuddering. He grabbed the ball from Siwon and started dribbling it to the other side of the court.

Donghae put his bag down on the bleachers and started tying his already long hair into a ponytail. He grinned as Hankyung walked passed him. The older male merely rolled his eyes and jogged towards Heechul.

It had been two full weeks since he and Jooyeon decided to take their relationship to the next level and become more than friends. And it was a wonderful two weeks. They saw each other everyday. He picked her up from home for school and brought her home. They went out, watched movies, played sports and games, went to the park, ate out. It was everything that Donghae dreamt of doing with her ever since they met.

“Stop smiling!” Heechul barked rather harshly when he approached the younger male. “If I see your teeth one more time, I’m going to smash this ball in your face.”

This had the rest of the boys laughing. Heechul threw the ball towards Donghae’s face. Donghae ducked quite late, but, luckily, Kangin caught the ball just before it hit him.

“Ya, hyung,” Donghae reproached with a pout on his face. “Shouldn’t you be happy for me?”

Heechul rolled his eyes dramatically. “I am happy for you. But seeing you smiling all the time is just downright creepy and annoying,” he elaborated. “Even Jooyeon isn’t that happy.”

“Oh she is,” Taeyeon interrupted their conversation, overhearing them as she arrived. Siwon jogged up to her and gave her a kiss. “You don’t see her when she’s with us. It’s like she’s seeing rainbows and butterflies everywhere.” She shuddered.

Donghae beamed pompously at this. “See, I’m not the only one,” he bragged. The thought that Jooyeon was happy because of being with him made his ears flap in joy. “If you don’t like seeing teeth so much, Jooyeon should get the same treatment from you.”

“What treatment?” Jooyeon asked, arriving with Tiffany and Hyukjae.

“Hey,” Donghae practically cooed, turning to his girlfriend.

“Here we go,” Shindong muttered.

“We should have a no girlfriends policy during our games,” Heechul muttered, walking away.

“You just want that because you don’t have a girlfriend,” Kangin mused. He immediately ran as the other male started to go after him.

Almost immediately, their friends disbursed, going off to do their thing and leaving Donghae and Jooyeon to the cheesiness they created when they were together.

The couple slowly walked towards the gym doors, following after Taeyeon and Tiffany, who had both said goodbye to their boyfriends. Donghae held her hand carefully in his as they did so.

“Where are you girls off to?” he wanted to know.

“Tiffany wanted to shop for some clothes,” she told him. “We’re doing that, as well as just hang out at the mall.” She glanced back at the boys, who had started shooting some hoops. “Are you just going to be here?” she then asked, looking back at him.

“Yeah,” he confirmed with a nod.

“Donghae,” she started a bit hesitantly. “I wanted to ask you…”

He sighed, interrupting her. “I haven’t,” he answered before she could ask the question. She nodded, looking disappointed. “Kyuhyun doesn’t make it easy for me to find him so I can talk to him.”

Jooyeon and Donghae had agreed after they got together that Donghae would talk to Kyuhyun. They wanted to be together but, at the same time, they wanted to be able to preserve their friendship with him. It was probably selfish and was probably something that was too much to ask from Kyuhyun, but Jooyeon wouldn’t have it either way. And Donghae was willing to do anything to see her happy.

“I will talk to him, Joo,” he assured her, reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear. “But,” he slowly added, “if you see him, you can talk to him, too.”

She looked up at him, surprise very visible on her features. She thought that it would be too insensitive of her to ask her boyfriend if she could talk to her ex¬-boyfriend alone. They had both gone through so much that she didn’t want to screw up whatever happiness they currently had.

He chuckled as he saw her shock. “Taeng and Fany are getting angry with me,” he told her, glancing at the gym door, where Taeyeon and Tiffany were giving him mocking looks. “I think I’m keeping you from them for too long.”

“Oppa, are you sure? I don’t think—,” she started to say, returning to the topic.

“You only ever call me oppa anymore when you’re worried or unsure about something,” he commented with another chuckle. He tucked her hair behind her ear. “You don’t have anything to worry about. You and Kyuhyun are friends, too, and whatever you two shared…it will always be there and I can’t ever take that away from the both of you. So yes, I am sure. You two need to talk, too.”

Jooyeon sometimes wondered where the goodness in Donghae came from. Right at the beginning, he had been so nice and so incredibly accommodating towards her. His quiet concern towards her was something she had always felt moved about. It didn’t matter anymore about what had happened with them with regards to Jungsoo. She now knew that it was out of jealousy because he didn’t understand. She figured it was her fault, too. She should have made him understand.

“Hae, I…” she started to say, but he leaned forward and kissed her.

“I know,” he whispered as they pulled away, looking meaningfully into her eyes.