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i can feel your heart beat through my shirt
EXO | Chanyeol/Chen | PG-13 | 26k~
Romance, Fluff
Chanyeol's looking for something he doesn't know. Jongdae hands him a map and his heart as a compass.

Written for [ profile] sncj_reversebb for THIS artwork by [ profile] chenhuns.

Author's Notes: Thank you to Ginny, Lonio, Belle, and Ilana for all the help and encouragement you've given me while I was writing this fic, as well as everyone else who suffered through all my whining. ♡

You and I, two of a mind )
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home is where the heart is
EXO | Baekhyun/Lay | PG-13 | 7,208w
The key to the home Yixing has built with Baekhyun, it seems, is acceptance.

Written for [ profile] justgetlayd.

Acceptance. )
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maybe you'll let me borrow your heart
EXO | Chen/Baekhyun | PG-13 | 60.2k~
Jongdae wants to be inside Baekhyun's heart, even if Baekhyun might only want to get into Jongdae's pants.

Originally written for [community profile] exorbitantly.

Read more... )

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send in the clowns
EXO | Suho/Chen | PG-13 | 12,817w
Joonmyun wonders if Jongdae is capable of being passionate about anything else other than figure skating.

Originally written for [ profile] criticalcapture.

This isn't exactly how Joonmyun had imagined the rest of his life would go. )

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in a sky full of stars
EXO | Suho/Tao | PG-13 | 6,573w
Joonmyun and Zitao get to know each other in between LA and Incheon.

Originally written for [ profile] suholiday.

Enjoy your flight. )

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though i try, my heart stays still
EXO | Suho/Lu Han | PG-13 | 20.3k~
Joonmyun really can't say that Jongdae is wrong about Joonmyun loving books more than people.

Originally written for [ profile] suholiday .

Books can't hurt people. )

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some things just make sense (even after all this time)
EXO | Chanyeol/Baekhyun | PG-13 | 29k~
Romance, Angst,  Fluff
Park Chanyeol isn't Park Chanyeol without Byun Baekhyun. HP!au

For [ profile] paperplanes for [ profile] exoforsichuan. I'm sorry this took so long and that it's so long. Lol. I hope you like it. <3



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'cause all i really want is to be with you
EXO | Chen/Kris | PG-13 | 2,226w
This has got to be the silliest fight Jongdae's had with anyone.

For Iya. Some sort of sequel to this.

The airport is packed. )

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Will you still love me when
EXO | girl!Suho/Kris | PG | 574w

For Ang.

It's not that Joonmyun is complaining. )

Who are you wearing?
EXO | Chen/Kris | PG-13 | 1,283w

For Iya. Prompt is this. Because Jongdae looked like he was wearing Kris' clothes.

What are you wearing? )

Even If
EXO | Kai/Lu Han | PG-13 | 1,117w

For JQ. Prompt: LuKai, cupcakes.

Jongin takes a deep breath. )


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