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Live Long and Prosper
EXO | Chanyeol/Kyungsoo | R | 5,878w
Crack, Fluff
Kyungsoo hates Chanyeol's new hair. Chanyeol turns to the Naver Line app stickers for answers.
Alternate summary: Where everyone in EXO thinks they're Vulcans.

Part 3 of the Line Saga (lol). Can be read as a stand-alone.

Live long and prosper )
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lining up the dots
EXO | Baekhyun/Kris | R | 5,643w
Fluff, Crack
Kris takes his turn to drive Baekhyun crazy with the Naver Line app.

Part Two of this. But you can pretty much read this by itself. :)

What does it mean? )
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Light 'em up
EXO | Kris/Baekhyun | PG | 5,178w
Crack (?), Fluff
Baekhyun downloads the Naver Line app and unknowingly drives Kris crazy because of it.

This is for [ profile] atmest. This is as much her fic as it is mine.

Kris has a secret. )
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5, 6, 7, 8!
EXO | Kris/Chen | G | 1,892w
Crack, Fluff
"I don't know what you've been told, Kim Jongdae is good as gold."

Warnings: (highlight) cross-dressing, second-hand embarrassment

"Let me see that booty shake!" )

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often times words get tangled up in lines
EXO | Suho/Sehun | PG | 4,826w
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Sehun keeps on ignoring Junmyeon.

"I thought you liked him." )
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Behind Enemy Lines
EXO | Lu Han/Kai | PG | 966w
Humor, Fluff, Romance
Lu Han's directing the school play. His leading man is a nightmare to direct.

(Prompt from [ profile] seoulfulness)

"Oh my god! It's not that hard!" )
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Happy New Year
EXO | Chen/Tao | PG | 1,986w
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Tao wants the perfect first kiss.

Prompt from [ profile] seoulfulness found here.

It's just a kiss. )
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EXO | Chen/Tao | PG | 1,830w
Romance, Fluff, Humor

It's not that Jongdae doesn't support his hyungs going at it like bunnies. Jongdae is just a tiny bit annoyed. And maybe left out.

Prompt from [ profile] seoulfulness found here.

They kiss and kiss and kiss. )


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