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hold my hand just like this
EXO | Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | G | 1,202w
This time it feels like it means something else.

Author's note: How could I resist this?


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all these places feel like home
EXO | Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | G | 4,635w
Romance, Fluff
All Baekhyun wants is to spend forever with Kyungsoo.

Best read here

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your eyes will lead me straight back home
EXO | Kyungsoo/Lay | G | 30.6k~
Romance, Fluff
Yixing unpacks his bags at the same time that Kyungsoo prepares to zip his luggage up. He throws in a piece of his heart just before Kyungsoo clicks the lock in place.

Best read here

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don't give up on us, baby
EXO | Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | PG | 2,968w
"This is the day Do Kyungsoo will finally go out with me."

Written for [ profile] nachtegael for [ profile] baektobaek 2014.

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(make it up) as we go along
EXO | girl!Kyungsoo/Baekhyun | PG | 44k~
Romance, Fluff
Kyungsoo wants things that she thinks she can't have.

Warnings: girl!EXO

Originally written for [ profile] sooenaemoured.

Note: New author's note at the end of the fic.

The bell has just started to ring. )

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walk a mile in my shoes
EXO | girl!Kris/Kyungsoo | PG | 1,565w
Kris doesn't like wearing heels.

For Ang, who I clearly love more than I realize. Prompt is this.

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Catching Feelings
EXO | Kyungsoo/Chanyeol | PG-13 | 4,402w
Kyungsoo doesn't like making a fuss over things.

Author's Note: This is for Kitten, whom I love dearly. Her prompt was when Kyungsoo babies Chanyeol. This isn't exactly that because I don't know what happened. I'm sorry. You deserve so much better than this, I hope you like it anyway? /skips off

"I don't want anyone to know." )
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Live Long and Prosper
EXO | Chanyeol/Kyungsoo | R | 5,878w
Crack, Fluff
Kyungsoo hates Chanyeol's new hair. Chanyeol turns to the Naver Line app stickers for answers.
Alternate summary: Where everyone in EXO thinks they're Vulcans.

Part 3 of the Line Saga (lol). Can be read as a stand-alone.

Live long and prosper )
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And I'll smile inside to know you're mine
EXO | Kai/Kyungsoo | PG | 5,190w
Fluff, Romance
Kyungsoo and Jongin find their way back home.

Two years is probably too long of a time. )
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To Sir, With Love
EXO | Kai/Kyungsoo | PG | 1,405w
Fluff, Humor
Jongin thinks babysitting his niece is an awful idea. Until he meets her teacher.

Prompt from [ profile] seoulfulness here

"I forgot something." )


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