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hold my hand just like this

hold my hand just like this
EXO | Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | G | 1,202w
This time it feels like it means something else.

Author's note: How could I resist this?

“Hold still,” Kyungsoo growls under his breath and Baekhyun hisses at the pain of Kyungsoo gripping his hand too tight, his fingers getting squished with each other. “And be quiet."
“Well if you would just,” Baekhyun starts, squirming at Kyungsoo’s calloused and tight hand, and his nervous gaze. The words let go of my hand die on his lips at the sound of approaching footsteps that make Kyungsoo even more wound up. Baekhyun almost yelps out loud at how much his hand is hurting.
“Why won’t you stop talking?” Kyungsoo snaps, tugging at Baekhyun’s hand and pulling him around the corner. “You’re always so noisy and it’s annoying."
“You’re the one who keeps on talking right now,” Baekhyun retorts, making a face at his friend, who is normally less snippy than this. “Why are you so irritated and nervous? And why am I your punching bag?” He pouts when Kyungsoo shoots him another annoyed look that softens just a tad, much to Baekhyun’s joy.
“Just—“ Kyungsoo starts.
“Kyungsoo! There you are!"
Kyungsoo sighs in exasperation. “Now, look what you did,” he mutters and Baekhyun can actually feel him deflating beside him. Kyungsoo’s hand loosens around his but doesn’t let go.
Baekhyun looks up from Kyungsoo’s slightly larger hand on his and to the pretty face of Jung Soojung, the girl Baekhyun’s been hearing Kyungsoo’s going out with. She’s really pretty with her long black hair brushing down her shoulders in waves and the way her pink lips curl up into a smile at the sight of them.
“I just wanted to say—oh,” Soojung lets out a sound of soft surprise, taking a step back when she sees Kyungsoo’s and Baekhyun’s linked fingers. Baekhyun’s brows furrow a little when he realizes this. When did that happen? “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt."
“It’s fine,” Kyungsoo says it like it’s really no problem, but Baekhyun sees the way Kyungsoo kind of mashes his teeth together as he smiles, a pulse ticking at the edge of his jaw. “We were just going to the library for some books.” Boy, can Kyungsoo lie, though. “Did you want anything else? I mean, if there’s anything unclear, we can just talk about it later when—"
“Oh no,” Soojung is quick to assure him, waving her hands in front of her, and Baekhyun raises an eyebrow in confusing as he looks from her to Kyungsoo. “I just wanted to say I understand, because I don’t think I got to say that earlier because of my, um, surprise."
Kyungsoo’s nod is abrupt and stiff. “Thank you for your understanding,” he tells her, forcing another smile and turns to go, pulling Baekhyun after him.
“I’m not surprised though, that it’s Baekhyun,” Soojung calls after him, clearly not done with the conversation.
Now Baekhyun knows there’s really something wrong. Kyungsoo curses under his breath and his hand tightens around Baekhyun’s once again as they turn back to face Soojung once more. Baekhyun really wants to know what it is because his hand is suffering for it.
“Soojung,” Kyungsoo tries to say something, but Soojung is speaking again.
“I mean, really, how could I have not seen it before?” Soojung is smiling even more this time, fuller, and she’s really pretty with how her eyes turn into crescent moons. It’s not a wonder why Kyungsoo would go out with her. “But now that you’ve told me. I can see why it’s Baekhyun."
Baekhyun brows furrow as he side-eyes Kyungsoo, still watching Soojung grin at them with sparkly eyes. “What is she talking about?” he asks Kyungsoo.
“Nothing,” Kyungsoo quips, not even bothering to look at Baekhyun. Instead, he bows at Soojung and turns to go, tugging Baekhyun along.
Baekhyun follows, like he always has, because Kyungsoo is the natural born leader between the two of them. Kyungsoo has always looked out for him since they were young and Baekhyun hasn’t minded at all, even if he is slightly older. Why would he mind? Kyungsoo takes care of him so well and it’s something that he hopes he’ll get to have all his life.
It’s not until they reach the outside of the library that Kyungsoo stops walking, Baekhyun almost crashing into him because he wasn’t really looking. He’s gotten so used to Kyungsoo leading and gotten so trusting of him that Baekhyun doesn’t really care to look anymore.
Kyungsoo still hasn’t let go of his hand, though. Even though they’re now facing each other and Kyungsoo looks like he’s about to pop a vein in his forehead from the overthinking he’s doing.
“Just tell me,” Baekhyun insists just as Kyungsoo opens his mouth.
“Listen, it’s not—“ Kyungsoo goes to say but is interrupted by Jongdae appearing out of nowhere and slinging an arm around both of them.
“So it’s true!” Jongdae exclaims, glancing down at Baekhyun’s and Kyungsoo’s fingers still intertwined.
“What’s true?” Baekhyun demands, pulling his hand away, his fingers and palm tingling from the loss of the warmth of Kyungsoo’s hand. He shoves his hand in his pocket. “What’s going on?” he repeats, looking at Kyungsoo this time.
“That you two are dating,” Jongdae blurts out just as Kyungsoo opens his mouth to curse probably, which he doesn’t get the chance to. “It’s all over school. I think Soojung’s told everyone.” He grins at both of them, looking happy with being able to get firsthand information.
Baekhyun is pretty sure he isn’t breathing. How can he even be awake at a time like this? Kyungsoo looks like he’s asking the same thing. With the way he’s looking at Jongdae, Baekhyun’s surprised that Jongdae hasn’t burst into flames yet or melted onto the ground.
It’s not that it’s a bad thing. It isn’t. How can dating Kyungsoo be a bad thing when he’s looked to Kyungsoo all his life? Baekhyun thinks his friend is perfect. Because even when Kyungsoo gets annoyed with him, he still always pulls Baekhyun close and never lets him get too far away. So no, not a bad thing. And since Kyungsoo is busy glaring Jongdae to death, Baekhyun says the first thing he thinks of.
“Of course it’s true,” Baekhyun interjects. He takes his hand out of his pocket and, this time, it’s Baekhyun who grabs Kyungsoo’s hand in his.
Jongdae narrows his eyes at him then and Baekhyun wonders if he did something wrong by admitting it all too easily. But then Jongdae claps his hands in glee and congratulates them before hurrying away, probably to tell someone else the news.
Kyungsoo makes a sound of something beside him once Jongdae’s out of earshot and pulls Baekhyun to his side. Baekhyun stumbles but Kyungsoo steadies him with an arm around his waist.
“Why are you so noisy?” Kyungsoo asks him. He looks exasperated, but he looks fond too. His eyes are soft as he looks at Baekhyun and Baekhyun’s chest feels warm all over.
“You like me noisy,” is Baekhyun’s immediate reply. It’s what he’s always said every time Kyungsoo complains about his loud mouth. This time though, it feels like it means something else, like it means so much more.
Especially when Kyungsoo responds with, “Shut up” with his cheeks pink and his ears red.

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This was so cute!!! Baekhyun's of course it's true lol because - of course! (Bless Soojung)
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nooooo satan noooooooooo
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Why are they so wonderful and perfect
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this was sososososo cute~
ah, kyungsoo's got it bad.
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it's so heart is melted!
i love how you wrote baeksoo in into character and the plot was simple yet complete ^_^
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*Internally screaming*
I thought that was just the right amount of fluff for my day. The bit where Baekhyun exclaims they're together was my punchline, and it just felt so good and sweet. I've always enjoyed your style of writing, I wish I could write. Lol

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OMG!!!! This is literally fluffy and cute and beautiful. I think I can say this fic is beautiful because after I've done reading this, I just can't help myself for keep imagine how cute of them when they really going out for dating. The thought of that keep making me smile ^____^. This little moment yet beautiful is the beginning of their love life. I just love this idea so much!!!! Kyungsoo is so cute in manly way LOL. This is my favorite Kyungsoo's character. It suited him so much! And Byun Baekhyun for blurted out like that!!! OMG!!! Why you have to be so cute!!!

To sum up, I just love everything in this fiction. I just gonna give you my heart <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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Aw it was so cute...

I just need more fluffy fic to suffice the heavy feeling from reading angst SuBaek fic.

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Ah this is so short but it's really really cute i love how baek is always ' you like me noisy'